Laparoscopic IPOM Inguinal Hernia Technique

The IPOM repair for inguinal hernia has largely been replaced, and currently, the most commonly performed laparoscopic techniques are the TEP and TAPP repairs.

In a prospective comparison of TAPP and IPOM techniques in Laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair:

  • The IPOM takes significantly lesser time than TAPP. 
  • There were no intraoperative complications, conversions to open repair, or postoperative deaths in either group. 
  • Neuralgias occurred in 3 cases of TAPP and 11 cases of IPOM (p < 0.05), local hematoma in 6 cases of TAPP and 3 cases of IPOM (NS), and urinary retention in 1 case of TAPP and in no case of IPOM (NS). 
  • Recurrences occurred in no cases of TAPP and in 8 cases (11.1% of hernias) of IPOM (p < 0.01). 
  • The results of the present report suggest that the IPOM technique for laparoscopic hernia repair should be avoided, whereas TAPP appears to be an excellent technique with no early recurrences.

Surg Laparosc Endosc. 1997 Dec;7(6):472-6.
Laparoscopic hernia repair: a prospective comparison of TAPP and IPOM techniques.
Sarli L, Pietra N, Choua O, Costi R, Cattaneo G.

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